Understanding Sickness

The Three Theories of Healing

There are only three basic theories for true healing: 1) The problem was caused by an environmental problem — toxins,  radiation, smoking, etc. — and the environmental problem is removed, allowing the body to heal. 2) The problem is caused by a nutritional deficiency — scurvy or pellagra, for example — and the diet is improved to the point where all the body’s nutritional requirements are met, allowing the body to heal. 3) The problem is repaired by the body using its metabolic enzymes.

The body has two types of enzymes: metabolic and digestive. Metabolic enzymes are used by the body to help repair normal wear and tear in the body. Approximately 80% of the body’s energy is used up in the digestion of food, however.  An overworked, stressed body or an improper diet — one high in cooked animal products, overly cooked and devitalized, processed foods, excess sugar, etc. —  can interfere with the body’s ability to create metabolic enzymes, reducing the body’s ability to heal itself. Fasting, caloric restriction, or a change in diet can allow the body to divert the energy normally used in digesting food into energy used to produce the metabolic enzymes used in bodily maintenance and repair.

These three methods are the body’s only course for true healing, and ultimately, any healing is going to be done by the body with metabolic enzymes. Dr. Edward Howell, in his book on enzymes, Enzyme Nutrition, wrote, “The old saying that nature will cure really refers to metabolic enzyme activity, because there is no other mechanism in the body to cure anything.” It is for this reason that it is no accident that fasting is one of the oldest healing techniques known to man, or that caloric restriction is one of the only scientifically proven methods of increasing longevity.

It should be emphasized, however, that even though ultimately healing will done through the body’s metabolic enzyme process, that a proper diet is still a requirement to give the body the materials it needs to repair and heal itself. While it is wrong to look outside the body for healing substances, ensuring that the body meets all its nutritional requirements is still an essential part of both the healing process and in the normal everyday maintenance of a healthy body. The Fifth Century BC physician Hippocrates — considered by many to be the father of modern medicine — correctly said, “Your food shall be your medicine” and “Your medicine shall be your food.”

Of course, there are other factors in health and healing, such as getting the proper amount of sleep, getting plenty of exercise, fresh air and sunshine, and clean water, among others. But it should be kept in mind that ultimately it is the body that is healing itself and not some magic substance from outside the body.

With a proper understanding of this, it should make the error of man-made drugs abundantly clear. No drug — especially a petroleum-based one, which most drugs are — will cure any disease, it will only cover up the symptoms. In fact, one of the reasons chemicals work to cover up symptoms is because the body has to devote resources into handling the chemical that has been ingested, taking resources away from the body’s healing attempt that caused the symptoms the drug was taken for! It may be an oversimplification, but this actually works in a manner similar to the cartoons where a person has a headache and someone takes a hammer and smashes the person’s toe in order to take his mind off of his headache.

It is crucial to note that almost all drugs are toxic to some degree, even drugs as simple as aspirin. In masking the symptoms that the drug was taken for, the toxic substances cause problems in other parts of the body. Read a physicians desk reference — every drug has a list of side effects. Many doctors will prescribe one drug for one symptom and another drug for the side effects of the first drug. And when the patient becomes depressed from all of the man-made toxins in his or her system, the doctor will prescribe an anti-depressant!

Is it any wonder the Germ Theory of disease was pushed instead of the correct theory? A doctor makes his or her money from seeing patients repeatedly, not from healing patients. How convenient to set up a system which depends on a drug for each symptom, which not only doesn’t solve the problem but creates new ones, requiring more office visits. It is a scam that would be criminal in any other industry, but the god-like status of doctors here in America keeps anyone from asking too many questions!

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