The Wellsville Diet
    by Jay Banks

The Wellsville Diet is the result of years of research into diet and health. The author, Jay Banks, details a drug-free program that naturally healed him of irritable bowel syndrome, chronic constipation, allergies, chronic fatigue, and more. Amazingly, Jay lost over 100 pounds on his journey to health! And even though weight loss was not his initial goal, he reveals the basic principles of successful weight loss he learned along the way.
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Coming Spring of 2004.

Fresh Vegetables and Fruit Juices
   by Dr. Norman Walker

In FRESH VEGETABLES AND FRUIT JUICES, “Dr. Walker has, for the first time in history, written a complete guide of the Therapeutic uses of our more common, everyday vegetables when taken in the form of fresh, raw juices. It will be of considerable help to those who wish to derive the utmost benefit from the natural foods which God created for the nourishment of Man.” Dr. Walker categorically lists vegetable juices, explains their elements, and in cooperation with Doctor Pope, provides suggestions for effective treatment of special ailments.

Macfadden’s Fasting, Hydropathy, And Exercise
   Nature’s Wonderful Remedies for the cure of all Diseases.

A rare classic meets the digital age as Bernarr Macfadden’s Fasting, Hydropathy And Exercise, Natures Wonderful Remedies for the Cure of all Acute and Chronic Disease, becomes available again as an ebook . Originally published in 1900, Bernarr Macfadden, a life-long advocate of physical fitness, natural food, outdoor exercise, and the natural treatment of disease, makes the case for fasting and exercise as a cure for disease in general. Many specific treatments for various diseases are included, as well. The ebook is a faithful reproduction of the original and includes all 217 pages and all original artwork and photographs. The ebook is available to purchase and download now.

This professionally produced ebook is available now as free download.

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The Sunfood Diet Success System
by David Wolfe

The Sunfood Diet Success System effortlessly drops away unwanted pounds, boosts your immune system, enhances your relationships, lengthens life, brings you closer to the spiritual realms, allows you to think more creatively, clears emotional blockages, improves your performance in business, and creates a healthier, happier life for you and those around you. Why not try web developer to have your site done?

Enzyme Nutrition
by Dr. Edward Howell

Dr. Howell is often called the “father of food enzymes.” During the ’30’s and’40’s of this century, he did incredible research to prove that food enzymeswere an essential nutrient, and that cooking and processing of foods destroythem, thereby creating dramatic changes in our ability to digest food and remain healthy. This is a classic in the field.

The Curse of Louis Pasteur
by Nancy Appleton, Ph.d.

Could it be that we’re looking in the wrong direction for the answer to the cause of disease? Dr. Nancy Appleton’s investigation led her to Louis Pasteur’s germ theory, and to the inevitable conclusion that this theory has overpowered other ideas about the origins and development of disease.

Might disease be caused generally not by outside microscopic invaders, as the germ theory states, but by ourselves, in what we think, say, feel, do, and eat?

Let Dr. Appleton show you

  1. A scientific option to Louis Pasteur’s germ theory.
  2. Why some people get sick and others do not.
  3. Why medicines heal some and not others.
  4. Why some people get well without medicines and others do not get well with or without medicines.
  5. How your body can resist infectious and degenerative diseases.
  6. The true cause of disease, the true cause of healing.

Wheat Grass Nature’s Finest Medicine
by Steve Meyerowitz

Everything you need to know about this wonder plant and its miracle cures. Including why it works, where to get it and where to go for help. How to grow it, juice it, take it and create a total health restoration program. Includes nutrition, research, healing retreats, detoxification, history, chlorophyll, cancer, real stories by real people. Wheat, barley and Kamut grasses.

by Ray Audette

In a revolutionary approach to weight loss and improved health, author Ray Audette presnts his groundbreaking “caveman” diet�an eating program that stems from the notion that what we ate before agriculture and technology evolved is still what our bodies need to function effectively, stave off disease, and stay lean and healthy. Here is your luck, try casino en ligne to have extra income.

Read Neanderthin and you’ll discover:

  • How to become a modern-day Hunter-Gatherere and give up the addictive foods and habits that have kept you unhealthy and overweight
  • How a high-calorie, high-fat diet can actually make you leaner
  • Tips for getting started on Neanderthin Diet, sticking with it, keeping a food diary, and more
  • Becoming NeanderFit: a five-week exercise plan to complement your new diet

The Paleo Diet
by Loren Cordain, Ph.D.

Lose weight and get healthy by eating the food you were designed to eat.

While it would be easy to turn this diet into the Atkins diet, if used wisely the Paleo Diet has a lot of good information in it. What differentiates the Paleo Diet from the pack is that it allows you to eat all the fresh fruits and nonstarchy vegetables you want.

Stories the Feet Can Tell Thru Reflexology
by Eunice D. Ingham

Even thought this book was originally copywrited in 1938 it remains a classic in the field. The photographs and diagrams are excellent. Every part of the body is covered, in terms of how foot massage [or reflexology] may help alleviate pain and illness. The author has some very moving stories of how people with seeming impossible injuries or illnesses were helped by these techniques. This is an excellent little book. I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recomment it.

Cancer: World Without Cancer
by G. Edward Griffin

G. Edward Griffin marshals the evidence that cancer is a deficiency disease � like scurvy or pellagra � aggravated by the lack of an essential food compound in modern man’s diet. That substance is vitamin B17. In its purified form developed for cancer therapy, it is known as Laetrile.

This story is not approved by orthodox medicine. The FDA, the AMA, and The American Cancer Society have labeled it fraud and quackery. Yet the evidence is clear that here, at last, is the final answer to the cancer riddle.

Why has orthodox medicine waged war against this non-drug approach? The author contends that the answer is to be found, not in science, but in politics � and is based upon the hidden economic and power agenda of those who dominate the medical establishment.

With billions of dollars spent each year on research, with other billions taken in on the sale of cancer-related drugs, and with fund-raising at an all-time high, there are now more people making a living from cancer than dying from it. If the solution should be found in a simple vitamin, this gigantic industry could be wiped out over night. The result is that the politics of cancer therapy is more complicated than the science

Cancer: The Cancer Industry
by Ralp Moss

Citing static survival rates, the medical establishment’s support of “proven cures” including chemotherapy and its refusal to fund research into other therapies, Moss reveals that the medical establishment favors drug companies, carcinogen-causing and pollution-causing industries rather than potential and actual patients. PW called this a “tough-minded updated version of his 1980 The Cancer Syndrome.”

How to Raise a Health Child
by Dr. Mendelsohn

Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, renowned pediatrician and author advises parents on home treatment and diagnosis of colds and flus, childhood illnesses, vision and hearing problems, allergies, and more. PLUS, a complete section on picking the right doctor for your child, step-by-step instructions for knowing when to call a doctor, and much more.

MTV Yoga (DVD)

MTV Yoga is surprisingly good. Advertised as a “faster-paced, upbeat” alternative to standard yoga workouts, the practice is actually quite traditional, based on the “vinyasa” (i.e., flowing series of poses) style. Beginning with several sun salutations, which are among the most vigorous sets of poses in yoga, it includes a variety of standing positions, lunges, twists, backbends, and so on. McGee knows her stuff, especially when it comes to breath instruction, the focus of any good practice; she also breaks down several of the more difficult asanas following the main 40-minute practice.

Gin Miller’s Step Reebok “The Video”

With the look and feel of a music video and motivating music, Step Reebok puts you in the middle of a unique and dynamic group workout. Unique music transitions, Gin’s verbal and visual cues make it almost impossible to miss a single step. The high tech, high energy workout is led by Gin Miller, the inventor of the Step Reebok program. As Gin leads the workout, her experience and creativity are reflected in the ease and simplicity of the transitions. This is a unique work that helped launch a trend and inspired millions worldwide. This timeless video is a must for every home exercise video collection. There will never be another one like this!