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The Total Nutritional Approach to Cancer

It should be pointed out that many people have successfully used a diet low in animal protein and high in fresh vegetables and fruits to heal themselves from cancer and go on to live normal lives. These people have unknowingly stumbled on to what John Beard discovered as early as 1902 and Dr. Ernest Krebs discovered in the early 1950s.

Dr. Philip E. Binzel, Jr., for example, used a cooked-food vegetarian diet in conjunction with vitamin B-17 to obtain the excellent survival rates of the patients he wrote of in Alive And Well. Others who have successfully used diet as a treatment for cancer are Dr. Lorraine Day, M.D., who used a predominately raw food, vegan diet to heal herself of breast cancer, and Rev. George Malkmus, who healed himself nutritionally of colon cancer he was diagnosed with in 1976, going on to found the popular Hallelujah Dietsm program, which claims to heal many diseases, including cancer, using nutrition and some supplementation.

It is unclear if everyone involved in a nutritional approach to cancer even fully understood how changing diets to a more natural diet invariably increased the amount of nitrilosides consumed as well increasing a number of other vitamins and minerals missing from our normal diets of highly processed foods and cooked animal products. The diet change also eased the burden on the pancreas from manufacturing digestive enzymes, allowing it to divert more of its energy toward doing metabolic repair and healing. One person who did fully understand the enzyme process as it relates to both diet and cancer was Dr. Edward Howell.

Dr. Howell wrote in Enzyme Nutrition, “How many ailments afflict the human race? One hundred? Five hundred? One thousand? Are we more expert in breeding disease than are wild animals? Can you name even one species of wild animal afflicted with a hundred diseases? Fifty? Twenty-five? Or even one?” Edward Griffin also noticed this fact as it relates to cancer when he wrote, “It is significant that one seldom finds cancer in the carcasses of wild animals killed in the hunt. These creatures contract the disease only when they are domesticated by man and forced to eat the foods he provides or the scraps from his table.”

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It is worth noting that animals in the wild get a diet naturally high in nitriolosides and which contains no cooked or processed foods. This means that animals get more living foods with enzymes — the living components of food — intact. The lack of processed foods, combined with the higher enzyme content of their food, makes for easily digested foods which are kind to the animals’ pancreases. Dr. Edward Howell, in Enzyme Nutrition, wrote of research by both himself and others that documented the size of the pancreas in domestic animals and their wild counterparts. In all cases, the pancreas of the wild animal was smaller than the pancreas of the domestic animal — an indicator that the domestic animal’s pancreas had to work much harder to produce digestive enzymes for the unnatural, cooked and processed foods fed to them by man.

People who adopt a predominately raw-food diet take advantage of the body’s first and second lines of defense against cancer find out more on casino en ligne. And not only do they increase the nitrilosides in their diet but also a host of other vitamins and minerals and other nutrients that have anti-cancer properties. For example, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, recently found that a chemical produced when digesting such greens as broccoli and kale can stifle the growth of human prostate cancer cells. Discoveries like these take place on an almost daily basis, but diet is still relegated by medical doctors to being a cancer preventative, not a treatment.

Those familiar with the three theories of healing, discussed in the chapter “Understanding Sickness,” would understand why the nutritional approach to cancer would be the best approach. The two main ways in which chronic diseases have been stopped are either through metabolic enzyme activity, brought about by giving the pancreas a break from digestion so that it can divert its energy into doing bodily repair (one of the reasons fasting is one of the oldest known treatments for disease), or by meeting a nutritional requirement, which is the way vitamin deficiency diseases such as pellagra, scurvy, beriberi, rickets, and other diseases have been stopped.

Those who have survived cancer by changing to a diet low in meats and other cooked animal products and high in fresh vegetables and fruits, fresh vegetable and fruit juices, plenty of pure water, and changing their lifestyle to include exercise, fresh air, and sunshine, have unknowingly applied the body’s first line of defense, as well as its second line of defense against cancer. Since this approach does use natural, safe healing methods, proven by time and history, it is small wonder that many have obtained excellent results by using this approach.

Contrast this with the conventional approach to cancer. Throughout history, no chronic disease has ever been cured by the use of chemicals, surgery, or chemotherapy and radiating the body. Edward Griffin noted this when he wrote, “Most research projects are preoccupied with exotic and toxic drugs or machines that deliver death rays to selected parts of the body. There is no counterpart for any this in nature, and it is small wonder that progress has been disappointing.”