The Wellsville Diet

Healthy Living / Nutritional Healing

The Wellsville Diet emphasizes providing the body with its natural  foods, in as natural a state as possible, to maintain abundant health. Just like bugs don’t attack truly healthy plants or trees, a truly healthy person will not provide “germs” an atmosphere in which they can thrive and wreck havoc on the body.  To the extent a person is already afflicted with disease or sickness before they go on the Wellsville Diet, it should be noted that the body is self-healing and that healing takes place either by removing the cause of the disease so that the body can heal itself, or, in the case of a deficiency problem, by providing the body with proper nutrition so that it meets its nutritional requirements. With years of mainstream and alternative medicine pushing “magic bullets” and miracle drugs, most people believe their problems come from outside of them and the solution to their problem lies in some substance that is going to make their problems vanish. The Wellsville Diet emphasizes that healing comes from within and there are no magic substances outside of the body that will provide a “cure” for here for more

Raw vegetable and fruit juices

The Wellsville Diet recognizes certain deficiencies in our modern produce that can be overcome by drinking the juice of fresh vegetables and fruit. Since much of our farm lands are depleted of minerals, the produce growing on this land is lacking in minerals. By juicing organic vegetables and fruit, it is possible to not only increase the volume of vegetables or fruit eaten at one sitting, thus increasing the intake of vitamins and minerals, but to put these vitamins and minerals into a more readily digestible form. It should be emphasized that the benefits of raw vegetable and fruit juices come only when taken in their fresh, raw state. All canned or bottled vegetable and fruit juices have been pasteurized and are devoid of life and should be strictly avoided on the Wellsville Diet.


The Wellsville Diet places a strong emphasis on drinking either pure, distilled water or a high quality bottled water. While chloride added to public water may have helped eliminate certain diseases in times past, it is a culprit in the mire of degenerative diseases we have fallen into today. Furthermore, the addition of fluoride, an industrial-waste byproduct, to our water supply has only added to our problems. The dead, inorganic chemicals added to water to kill germs continue to kill life after they enter the human body. Not only are these chemicals not useable by the human body, but they force the body to waste vital energy in their elimination, diverting energy in the process that could be better utilized in bodily repair and normal maintenance, visit casino france for more information.

Regular exercise

The Wellsville Diet takes into account that there are more factors than diet that influence health. Outside of diet, nothing is more important than daily exercise to achieve radiant health. Ideally, the exercise portion of the program should alternate strength training with cardio training, and include a stretching regime, as well. Working from the principle that any exercise is better than none, however, at the very minimum a daily walk or a simple stretching routine will be a step in the right direction. Exercise lifts the spirits and helps deal with stress better than any man-made drug.

Weight control

It has been proven that being overweight is just as much a detriment to health as smoking. Extra weight burdens the body and leads to high blood pressure, clogged arteries, and a host of other health problems. In addition, weight carried around the waist can push on the intestinal tract and actually hamper proper digestion of food. In an age where our foods contain less vitamins and minerals than in times past, getting the most nutrition out of the food we do eat is critical to good health. With the diet and exercise portion of the Wellsville Diet, weight control should come naturally. Weight control falls only below diet and exercise as a critical step toward radiant health.

The elimination of unhealthy products

Since the body is self-healing, disease is eliminated by removing the cause of disease. The majority of our modern degenerative diseases are unknown in third world countries where diets do not contain the processed, devitalized foods and sugars, unhealthy fats, high amounts of animal protein and dairy that we consume on a daily basis in America. The Wellsville Diet maintains that if one eliminates these foods and other unhealthy products, reduces exposure to environmental toxins, and gets plenty of exercise, fresh air and sunshine, the body will heal itself of disease.

Alcohol and tobacco is also to be eliminated if sickness and disease are to be avoided. While most people know of the dangers of smoking, many people underestimate the toll  the continued inhalation of  multiple toxins directly into the body takes on the body both physically and mentally. To compound matters, while eating unhealthy only effects the person eating unhealthy, smoking is a danger to family and friends in close contact with the smoker.

Alcohol is a concentrated sugar that is very hard for the body to metabolize. In excess amounts it damages the liver, contributes to degeneration of the kidneys and causes bladder problems. Even in moderation, the toll it takes in bodily energy to metabolize it should not be underestimated. Because of the soil conditions of our farm lands, staying mineralized in today’s world is harder than ever. Do you really want to waste vital energy, enzymes and minerals to metabolize something that your body had no nutritional need for to begin with?

Spiritual and emotional health

The Wellsville Diet acknowledges that we were created and did not evolve. And while we may have been created in the image of our Creator, we are, until redeemed, in a fallen state of sin, which effects us not only physically but mentally as well. In addition, our bodies are only temporary and no amount of health is worth spending an eternity away from our Creator. In this regards, nothing should be considered less important than a personal relationship and saving faith in Jesus Christ, because it is only through His redemption that true happiness is possible.

The cornerstone of the Wellsville Diet is based on God’s original diet, Genesis 1:29: Then God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be food for you.” 

The Wellsville Diet, while being vegan-leaning in practice, acknowledges that God does permit the eating of animal products and is designed to be more flexible than other popular raw-food diets or natural hygiene programs.